Chery Exeed Stellar

The Chery Exeed Stellar, a concept car under the Exeed sub-brand, was unveiled at the Shanghai International Auto Show and represents the direction the brand would take going forward. Its name, “Stellar,” which refers to a part of the Ursa Major constellation in Chinese, represents direction and advancement. With this car, Chery ventures bravely into the future with the goal of forging new routes in automotive innovation, just like the Big Dipper guides navigation.

Design and Aesthetics

The Chery Exeed Stellar features a futuristic design, distinguished by sleek lines and a sculpted body that enhance both aesthetics and aerodynamics. Its modern look is further highlighted by LED lighting and the signature Exeed front grille, adding elegance and sophistication. These elements combine to give the Exeed Stellar a captivating presence, appealing to consumers who value style and substance in their vehicle.

Interior Comfort and Space

The Exeed Stellar’s interior is designed for comfort and space, featuring premium materials, comfortable seating, and a focus on ergonomic design for a welcoming feel. Generous legroom and headroom add to the comfort, ensuring both drivers and passengers can relax. Whether it’s a short drive or a longer trip, the Exeed Stellar offers a luxurious and peaceful experience for everyone inside.

Key Features: Chery Exeed Stellar

Chery Exeed Stellar


Chery’s commitment to efficiency shines through in the Exeed Stellar, promising optimal fuel consumption without compromising performance. By integrating innovative technologies and engineering solutions, Chery ensures that the Exeed Stellar maximizes every drop of fuel, offering drivers an eco-conscious and cost-effective driving experience.

Smart All-Wheel Drive

The Exeed Stellar sets itself apart with its intelligent all-wheel drive transmission, adapting seamlessly to various road conditions. Whether navigating through challenging terrain or cruising on the highway, the smart all-wheel drive system optimizes traction and stability, enhancing both performance and safety for the driver and passengers.

Level 4 Self-Driving System

The Exeed Stellar features a Level 4 self-driving system, enhancing autonomous driving significantly. This system independently manages most driving tasks, such as navigating through traffic and cruising on highways, making long trips safer and more comfortable. It reduces driver fatigue and increases road safety, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience in driving.

Infotainment Delight

The Exeed Stellar elevates the driving experience with its advanced infotainment system. Featuring a large touchscreen display, drivers can seamlessly access navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings at their fingertips. Voice commands and smartphone integration further enhance convenience, allowing for effortless control and connectivity while on the road.

Efficient Powertrain Options

Chery’s commitment to efficiency shines through in the Exeed Stellar’s versatile powertrain options. With offerings including internal combustion engines (ICE), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and electric vehicles (EV), drivers can choose the propulsion system that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether prioritizing fuel economy, environmental sustainability, or performance, the Exeed Stellar offers a powertrain solution for every discerning driver.

Pure Electric Cruising Range

The Exeed Stellar sets a new standard with its remarkable pure electric cruising range, boasting an impressive capability to travel up to 720 kilometers (approximately 447 miles) on a single charge. This extensive range offers drivers unparalleled freedom and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for both daily commutes and long-distance journeys.

Power Consumption

Exeed Stellar has efficient power consumption of 11.7 kWh per 100 kilometers. This impressive efficiency not only maximizes the vehicle’s range but also minimizes energy consumption, contributing to reduced environmental impact and lower operating costs for owners.


In addition to its outstanding range, the Exeed Stellar delivers exhilarating performance with its rapid acceleration capabilities. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds, providing drivers with a thrilling and dynamic driving experience. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the Exeed Stellar’s swift acceleration ensures an exciting ride that leaves a lasting impression.

Charging Speed

The Exeed Stellar revolutionizes charging speed with its 800V high-voltage fast-charging platform. In just 5 minutes of charging time, drivers can achieve an impressive 150-kilometer battery life, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience on the road.

Interior Technology

Step inside the Exeed Stellar, and you’re greeted with cutting-edge interior technology designed to elevate the driving experience. A nearly 16-inch floating central control screen serves as the focal point, providing intuitive access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings. Complementing this is a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, delivering crisp visuals and essential driving information. The two-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel adds a touch of luxury to the cockpit. Powered by Huawei’s Harmony OS, the operating system ensures seamless integration and smooth operation of all onboard technologies.

Safety and Convenience

Safety and convenience take center stage in the Exeed Stellar, offering an array of features to enhance the driving experience. An AR-HUD digital head-up display projects vital information directly onto the windshield, keeping drivers informed without distractions. The Bose audio system delivers immersive sound quality, while wireless phone charging eliminates clutter and hassle. Luxurious Nappa leather-wrapped seats provide comfort and elegance, ensuring a pleasurable journey for all occupants.

LION AI System

At the forefront of innovation, the Exeed Stellar is equipped with Chery’s advanced LION AI system. This intelligent system supports a range of functions, including voice control, facial recognition, AR navigation, and advanced driving assistance. Seamlessly integrated with internet services and even smart home integration, the LION AI system elevates the driving experience to new heights, offering unparalleled convenience, safety, and connectivity on the road.

Safety Features of The Chery Exeed Stellar

Chery Exeed Stellar Key Features

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Exeed Stellar is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, a feature that enhances safety by maintaining a safe following distance from other vehicles on the road. Using sensors and advanced algorithms, it adjusts the vehicle’s speed as needed to ensure a safe distance is maintained, providing peace of mind for the driver.

Lane-Keeping Assist

To prevent lane departure accidents, the Exeed Stellar includes Lane-Keeping Assist technology. This feature monitors the vehicle’s position within its lane and alerts the driver if it detects drifting. Additionally, it can gently correct steering to keep the car safely within its lane, reducing the risk of accidents caused by unintended lane departures.

Collision Avoidance System

With its Collision Avoidance System, the Exeed Stellar employs sensors to detect potential collisions with objects or other vehicles on the road. In the event of an imminent collision, the system activates emergency braking to mitigate the impact or avoid the collision altogether, providing an added layer of protection for both occupants and pedestrians.

European Market Expansion

With a vision of broadening its global footprint, Chery sets its sights on penetrating nine key European markets with the introduction of the Exeed Stellar and other innovative models. This strategic maneuver underscores Chery’s ambition to make a significant impact on the international automotive landscape while reaffirming its dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation.


In conclusion, the Chery Exeed Stellar epitomizes the brand’s forward-thinking approach to automotive design and innovation. With its blend of advanced technology, luxurious comfort, and eco-consciousness, it sets a new standard for electric sedans, promising an exhilarating driving experience while shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

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