AION S 580

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Car Overview

  • Condition
  • Engine Size
  • Door
  • Cylinder
  • Color
  • Motor Power(PS)


Spec Data
Battery Type Ternary lithium battery
CLTC pure battery range(km 460km
Charging time 0.78h
Max Speed(km/h) 130km/h


The AION S 580 emerges as a beacon of innovation in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) market. This model is a striking testament to AION's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, design, and sustainability. With its advanced features, exceptional performance, and eco-friendly design, the AION S 580 is poised to redefine the driving experience for environmentally conscious consumers seeking efficiency without compromising on luxury and performance.

Design and Aesthetics

The exterior of the AION S 580 is a harmonious blend of elegance and aerodynamics. Its sleek profile is designed to slice through the air with minimal resistance, enhancing both efficiency and speed. The front fascia, with its distinctive grille and LED lighting, creates an imposing presence that is both modern and timeless. The vehicle's stance is accentuated by dynamic lines and curves, which not only contribute to its aesthetic appeal but also to its aerodynamic performance.

Interior Luxury and Comfort

Step inside the AION S 580, and you are greeted by an oasis of luxury and sophistication. The interior is a masterpiece of design, combining premium materials, advanced ergonomics, and cutting-edge technology to create a space that is both inviting and futuristic. The seats, upholstered in high-quality materials, offer unparalleled comfort and support, ensuring a relaxing experience even on long journeys. The cabin is equipped with a state-of-the-art infotainment system, providing seamless connectivity and entertainment options to both the driver and passengers.

Performance and Efficiency

Under the hood, the AION S 580 boasts a powerful electric powertrain that delivers exhilarating performance without sacrificing efficiency. The vehicle's advanced battery technology ensures a long driving range, making it ideal for both city commutes and longer trips. The instant torque characteristic of electric motors provides swift acceleration, ensuring that the AION S 580 can handle a variety of driving conditions with ease.

Innovative Technology and Safety Features

The AION S 580 is packed with a plethora of advanced technologies designed to enhance the driving experience and ensure the safety of all occupants. From autonomous driving capabilities to cutting-edge driver assistance systems, the vehicle is equipped to navigate the complexities of modern roads with precision and confidence. Safety features such as collision avoidance, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control are integrated seamlessly, providing peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike.

Environmental Commitment

In line with AION's dedication to sustainability, the AION S embodies the principles of eco-friendly design and operation. Its zero-emission powertrain not only reduces the environmental impact of driving but also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change. The use of sustainable materials in the vehicle's construction further underscores AION's commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.


The AION S 580 stands as a paragon of electric mobility, offering a perfect blend of performance, luxury, and sustainability. Its innovative design, advanced technological features, and commitment to environmental stewardship make it an ideal choice for discerning drivers who value both form and function. As the automotive industry continues to evolve towards a more sustainable future, the AION S 580 leads the charge, offering a glimpse into the future of transportation.


  • Front/Rear Radar
  • Keyless entry
  • Multi-function steering wheel
Comfort & Convenience
  • Android Auto
  • Brake Assist
  • Driver Air Bag
  • Touchscreen Display

Dimensions & Capacity

  • Length
  • Height
  • Wheelbase
  • Height (including roof rails)
  • Trunk volume (L)
  • Minimum turning radius (m)
  • Width
  • Width (including mirrors)
  • Max full load mass (kg)
  • Curb weight (kg)
  • Max. Roof Load (kg)
  • No. of Seats

Engine and Transmission

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)
  • Intake type(natural intake/turbo)
  • Transmission Speed
  • Emission standards
  • WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km)

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