Mazda CX-50 Xingye 2.5L Zunxing Edition

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The Mazda CX-50 Xingye 2.5L stands as a hallmark of the brand's dedication to combining driving pleasure with practical elegance. This model, with its 2.5L engine, encapsulates Mazda's commitment to engineering excellence, delivering a vehicle that is both a joy to drive and a sight to behold.

Design and Aesthetics

Mazda's KODO design philosophy comes to life in the CX-50 Xingye, where every line and curve is intentional, reflecting the essence of motion even at a standstill. The exterior presents a bold and adventurous stance, accentuated by sleek, flowing lines that communicate a sense of dynamic movement. The front grille, a distinctive Mazda hallmark, alongside the thoughtfully designed headlamps, contributes to the vehicle's charismatic presence on the road.

Interior Craftsmanship

Inside, the CX-50 Xingye 2.5L is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. Mazda's renowned attention to detail is evident in the choice of materials, layout, and ergonomics. The cabin is designed to envelop occupants in a refined environment that balances aesthetic appeal with functional practicality. Seats are crafted for comfort, supporting long journeys without fatigue, and the driver's cockpit is intuitively arranged, ensuring all controls are within easy reach.

Performance and Handling

Under the hood, the 2.5L engine provides a compelling combination of power and efficiency. Mazda's engineering prowess ensures that the CX-50 Xingye delivers a driving experience that is both engaging and responsive. The vehicle's handling is characterized by precision and agility, thanks to Mazda's SKYACTIV technology, which optimizes the chassis and powertrain for an exhilarating drive. Whether navigating tight city streets or cruising on the highway, the CX-50 Xingye offers a level of driving enjoyment that is unmistakably Mazda.

Technology and Safety

The CX-50 Xingye 2.5L is equipped with an array of cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the driving experience and ensure safety. The infotainment system integrates seamlessly with mobile devices, providing access to navigation, media, and vehicle settings. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking, contribute to a safe and reassuring driving environment.

Versatility and Capability

The CX-50 Xingye is engineered to accommodate the diverse needs of drivers. Its versatile design caters to both daily commutes and adventurous getaways, offering ample cargo space and a flexible interior layout. The vehicle's all-wheel-drive system, coupled with its robust engine, ensures that it is capable of tackling a variety of driving conditions, from urban landscapes to off-road trails, with confidence and ease.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Mazda's commitment to sustainability is evident in the CX-50 Xingye's design, with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions at the forefront. The 2.5L engine is engineered to maximize performance while minimizing environmental impact, embodying Mazda's vision for a greener future in automotive design.

In summary, the Mazda CX-50 Xingye 2.5L is a testament to Mazda's philosophy of creating vehicles that combine beauty, functionality, and driving joy. It stands as a versatile, capable, and enjoyable companion for a wide range of driving adventures, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence that is synonymous with Mazda.


  • All Around View Monitor
  • Front/Rear Radar
  • Keyless entry
  • LED headlights
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Remote start function
  • Active braking/active safety system
  • Brake Assist
  • Driver Air Bag
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
Comfort & Convenience
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Leather Seats
  • Panoramic Moonroof
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Rain Sensing Wiper

Dimensions & Capacity

  • Length
  • Height
  • Wheelbase
  • Height (including roof rails)
  • Trunk volume (L)
  • Minimum turning radius (m)
  • Width
  • Width (including mirrors)
  • Max full load mass (kg)
  • Curb weight (kg)
  • Max. Roof Load (kg)
  • No. of Seats

Engine and Transmission

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)
  • Intake type(natural intake/turbo)
    natural intake
  • Transmission Speed
  • Emission standards
  • WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km)


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