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Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi unveiled its inaugural electric car, the SU7, in Beijing on March 28, announcing its prices. The vehicle is available in two models: one with a single motor and another with dual motors, offering a driving range of 700 to 810 kilometers as per the CLTC standard. The pricing starts at 215,900 yuan.

5 Core Technologies of Xiaomi’s SU7:

Xiaomi SU7
5 Core Technologies of Xiaomi’s SU7

At the Xiaomi EV Technology Launch, the stage was set for the introduction of five pivotal technologies that form the bedrock of Xiaomi’s EV ecosystem. These innovations mark a significant leap forward in automotive technology:

  1. E-Motors: Xiaomi’s proprietary E-motors, exemplified by the HyperEngine V6/V6s and HyperEngine V8s, represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence. These motors not only deliver unparalleled performance but also operate with utmost efficiency, setting new standards in electric propulsion.
  2. Battery: Serving as the lifeblood of the vehicle, Xiaomi’s cutting-edge battery technology stands at the forefront of innovation. Designed to ensure extended range and unwavering reliability, these batteries empower the Xiaomi SU7 to conquer both urban landscapes and long-distance journeys with ease.
  3. Xiaomi Hyper Die-Casting: Xiaomi’s Hyper Die-Casting process heralds a new era in manufacturing excellence. By enhancing structural integrity while simultaneously reducing weight, this innovative technique contributes to the SU7’s exceptional performance and sustainability, paving the way for a greener future.
  4. Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving: Equipped with Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving technology, the SU7 transforms the driving experience into a safer and more convenient endeavor. Leveraging cutting-edge autonomous driving capabilities, the SU7 navigates roads with precision and confidence, offering drivers unparalleled peace of mind.
  5. Smart Cabin: At the heart of the SU7 lies its intelligent interior, seamlessly integrating with Xiaomi’s broader ecosystem. This Smart Cabin redefines connectivity and convenience, offering users unparalleled access to entertainment, navigation, and smart home controls while on the move.

Performance and Power:

The Xiaomi SU7, a full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan, is designed to redefine the driving experience. This remarkable vehicle boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from the competition.

Power Output:

At the heart of the Xiaomi SU7 lies an extraordinary powertrain delivering a remarkable 570 horsepower. This formidable power enables the SU7 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in an astonishing 2.8 seconds, setting new benchmarks for electric vehicles and providing an exhilarating driving experience like never before.


Equipped with advanced battery technology, the Xiaomi SU7 offers an impressive electric range that caters to both urban commutes and extensive journeys. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on long-distance travels, drivers can rely on the SU7’s extended range to meet their needs, making it a versatile and practical choice for everyday use.


Safety is paramount in the design of the Xiaomi SU7, with Xiaomi’s commitment to safety evident in its cutting-edge features. From collision avoidance systems to a robust structural design, every aspect of the SU7 is engineered to prioritize the safety and security of its occupants. Drivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are protected by state-of-the-art safety technologies, making every journey in the SU7 a secure and confident experience.

Xiaomi SU7 Self Driving Features:

Xiaomi's SU7
Xiaomi SU7 Self Driving Features

The Xiaomi SU7’s cutting-edge autonomous driving system embodies Xiaomi’s unwavering commitment to innovation and safety. Here’s a detailed look at its components and capabilities:

Xiaomi Pilot Max Smart Driving System

  • Cameras: Equipped with a total of 11 cameras strategically positioned around the vehicle, the SU7 provides drivers with a comprehensive view of their surroundings. This extensive camera setup ensures heightened awareness, enabling drivers to navigate with confidence and precision.
  • Ultrasonic Radars: With 12 ultrasonic radars integrated into its design, the SU7 possesses the ability to detect obstacles with remarkable accuracy. These ultrasonic sensors serve as a crucial component of the SU7’s safety system. It ensuring safe navigation even in challenging driving conditions.
  • mmWave Radars: Complementing the ultrasonic radars are three mmWave radars, which play a vital role in bolstering the SU7’s perception and collision avoidance capabilities. By utilizing millimeter-wave technology, these radars enhance the vehicle’s ability to detect and respond to potential hazards on the road.
  • LiDAR: The SU7 features a LiDAR sensor that facilitates accurate mapping and object recognition, further enhancing overall safety. This advanced sensor technology enables the SU7 to precisely identify objects and obstacles in its path, contributing to a safer and more efficient driving experience.
  • NVIDIA DRIVE Orin Chipsets: Powering the SU7’s autonomous functions are two robust NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chipsets. These state-of-the-art processors enable the vehicle to execute autonomous driving tasks seamlessly, ensuring smooth and reliable performance under various driving conditions.
  • Full Autonomous Driving: Starting from August 2024, the SU7 will offer full autonomous driving capabilities across China. This groundbreaking feature promises unparalleled convenience and safety for drivers, allowing them to sit back and relax while the SU7 takes control of the driving experience.
  • Self-Parking Capabilities: One of the most impressive features of the SU7 is its ability to autonomously navigate parking in crowded lots. With its advanced self-parking capabilities, the SU7 showcases its technological prowess, offering drivers a hassle-free parking experience.

Industry-Leading Perception Algorithms

Xiaomi asserts that the SU7’s perception algorithms are at the forefront of the industry. These sophisticated algorithms adapt to diverse road conditions, recognize obstacles, and even learn from driving patterns and habits, ensuring that the SU7 remains one step ahead on the road.

HyperOS Ecosystem Integration

Xiaomi’s seamless transition from the “Smartphone x AIoT” era to the interconnected “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem enables real-time coordination, driving advancements, and fostering collaboration with industry partners. This integration ensures unparalleled connectivity and convenience, enhancing the overall driving experience for users.

Design and Sophistication:

The design philosophy of the SU7 seamlessly combines sleek lines with a touch of sportiness, achieving both aesthetic appeal and aerodynamic efficiency. Within the Smart Cabin, integration with Xiaomi’s ecosystem empowers users to effortlessly control smart devices, access entertainment, and stay connected while on the move.

Xiaomi’s Vision:

Lei Jun, the visionary founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group, outlined the company’s ambitious vision for its automotive venture.With steadfast determination, Xiaomi aims to ascend to the ranks of the top five global automakers within the next 15 to 20 years. This vision is underpinned by substantial investment, relentless research, and a dedicated team of over 3,400 engineers committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The Road Ahead:

Xiaomi’s entry into the automotive industry represents a significant leap beyond smartphones. As electric vehicles continue to integrate with consumer electronics and intelligent ecosystems. The Xiaomi SU7 emerges as a symbol of innovation and ambition. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an environmentally conscious driver. The SU7 promises to redefine the landscape of electric mobility, offering an unparalleled blend of performance, safety, and intelligent features.

The Xiaomi SU7 epitomizes a perfect fusion of performance, safety, and intelligent features, making it an irresistible choice for tech enthusiasts and environmentally conscious drivers alike. As Xiaomi continues to shape the automotive landscape, the SU7 serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability, ushering in a new era of electric mobility. Keep a close watch on the Xiaomi SU7—it’s more than just a car. It’s a symbol of progress and potential in the realm of electric vehicles.

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